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Betty Ross’ Certification in Interior Decorating from the New York School of Interior Design, in addition to a passion for the transitional, modern and eclectic styles, brings an in-depth knowledge of decorating and design to her skills in interior decorating – real estate consultation – home decor.

Functionality and style are combined with my residential, professional and real estate clients’ likes to create…

your perfect living atmosphere….

a magnificent home for sale….

unique, affordable products for your home….







Interior Decorating – Home Staging – Home Decor




Interior Decorating


We bring our knowledge of function and style to create a Life Style that is pleasing to you!


                        If you’re not sure about furniture layout, or which furniture style, wall color, flooring, or window treatment would work for your needs.  We are happy to work with you to define what type of service you need for your interiors to look and feel great!

 We can help!

 Living Room Decor
Residential Living Room Decor


  Everyone from Bed & Breakfast to Professional Offices who are looking to update your professional space to broaden your clientele and have your clients really  feel renewed, invited, welcomed and comfortable… 

We are here for you!

Professional Bed & Breakfast Awakening Look


Real Estate Consultant


 Love that house, but it doesn’t quite present right?

Just one hour consultation and write up for you and your client could be all that is needed to get their home camera ready!


a “Hands on Approach” to staging can be a great way to make some adjustments with the homeowner to ready their home for sale without being overly costly!

Let us make your home shine for potential buyers!




Home Decor

Take a look at some of our great products we offer or give “someone special” a gift certificate good towards interior decorating – home staging – home decor.