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Function and Style & Products go hand in hand

All of these products and tools are a part of the decorating, redesign, home staging and new construction process.

Have an idea of furniture and placement but need a little help?

You can schedule a consultation and together we can use the Betty Ross Furniture Layout Kit to draw your space and layout furniture to the best layout possible.

For the Do It Yourself-ers… Take a look below at our products and you can order your own Betty Ross Furniture Layout Kit to work with your space!

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Furniture Layout Tools

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Furniture Layout Kits

Take a look at some of our great products we offer for you to incorporate into the decorating, redesigning, home staging and new construction process of your home.

You can always give “someone special” a gift certificate good towards interior decorating – home staging – home decor.

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Autumn Green Gold Large Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin – Ultimate mix of transparent green glass, golden brown swirls and splashes of silver gold!


Create an appetizer centerpiece with our hand blown glass and wild cherry wood serving items from spreaders, to spoons, tongs, and serving utensils!


3D Furniture Layout Kit
3D Furniture Layout Kit to easily draw your room and arrange multiple layouts of 3D furniture for a Medium Sized Living Room
Spiral Bottom Wire Stand – for use with our vast assortment of glass ornaments
Glass Decor
Hand Blown Glass 4″ Winter Witchball – Clear glass filled with stems of magnificent colors!!
Velvet and Silk Pillow – Unique pillow and process of embedding items from nature on velvet.


Cotton Pillow Orange Leaves on Ecru – Inspired by artist paintings of nature.
Service or product gift certificates
Gift Certificate – Various amounts available for Interior Decorating, Home Staging, or Home Decor Products