Function and Style… Your Life style

Your surroundings affect how you feel – but you might not be able to create the atmosphere you would like. 

No matter your needs we are here to help you accomplish your goal.  We can provide complete and easy steps for your entire decorating project or take on only the part which you need help with. 

Our services can be adjusted to your specific needs and include a portion of or all of the following…..

Consulting, Room make-over, Furniture Layout, Floor Plans, 3D Views, Selecting Furniture, Fabric, or Accessories, Window Treatments, Lighting, Flooring Carpeting, Paint Colors, or Wall Finishes

Rather than getting frustrated and giving up, why not call today   845-987-6909    or book an appointment and explore your options. You will be surprised at how easy we make it for you to finally get the function and style you want to live in!

Contemporary Living Room
Contemporary Living Room


Function and Style

If your professional atmosphere is looking more dated these days… we can help with that!

You don’t have to change everything. You would be surprised what a little change, like wall color for instance, will do in making a huge difference to your audience!

There is plenty of competition to keep your clients from choosing you! Don’t be afraid to update and appeal to a broader clientele.

Rather than falling behind…. why not stand out by calling today 845-987-6909   or book an appointment and explore your options!

Real Estate

Function and Style

Being a real estate agent can be a lot of fun. Love your job or the house you are about to list but it doesn’t quite present right?

You can schedule our. One Hour Consult, “Hands on Approach” or Drone services to make some adjustments, furnish the troublesome areas, or really do up the home! 

Present staged homes for the perfect, potential buyer by calling today 845-987-6909   or book an appointment and explore your options. 

Real Estate Staged Living Room
Real Estate Staged Living Room
Drone Image for Listing

Click Link Below for drone video

Drone Video