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– Home Construction Finishes & Fixtures                                                                                        

Function and Style

Being in construction can be very demanding. Love your job or the house you are about to build but can not do it all?

Building starts with an idea, inspiration, plan, and picture. These features are the threads that should continue to weave a home together.

Builders need to focus on the bigger picture and let Betty Ross Decorating continue to weave your New Home together.

Betty Ross Decorating LLC provides any of the following services:

Review home plans for that wow factor and functionality of features.

Assist the Project Manager by meeting with them and contractors to discuss the layout details.

Assist the Project Manager by selecting the finishes and fixtures for a style that is cohesive.

Provide the Project Manger with files for easy reviewing, approving, and ordering of finishes and fixtures.

Working with Flippers is just the same… Select finishes and fixtures for rehabs

Once your work is done… We can provide Staging and Drone services!

Make some adjustments, really do up the home to put your best foot forward and present a staged home for the perfect, potential buyer by calling today 845-987-6909   or book an appointment and explore your options. 

New Home Construction Finishes and Fixtures

New Home Construction Finishes and Fixtures