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Our 3D Furniture Kits are here!

Using our 3D furniture kits is an amazing way to help you configure your furniture and layout without needing a decorator.  Look no further online at pictures of layouts that provide no furniture or room dimensions to apply to your space.  You will not have to learn how to use a complicated software program that is expensive and includes more features than necessary.  These kits are designed around a number of industry standard pieces and their sizes to appropriately fit in a defined space. Additional piece options can be purchased to add to the kits. Unique pieces can be custom 3D printed as well. Purchase either online. For custom pieces, purchase the option and simply email us the width, depth and height dimensions along with a picture and your contact information. Our kits are easy to use! They include a graphic dry erase board for reuse, dry erase marker, ruler and even a 3D person to see how you fit in the space! All you need to provide is a piece of paper and a tape measure. The process is simple to do. Just measure, draw and arrange your 3D furniture!! There is a short video you can access after purchasing your kit to give you a sample of the process, along with some great tips! I love this kit when I go to clients’ homes and know you will love to use it as well!


October – December Special!

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October 1 – December 31, 2017

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ICFF 2016 Show Stopper!  Rocking PacMan!!

Watch the Rocking PacMan. You can have a group of 5 people having a rocking good time together!